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November 2023

Killer Fandom: Fan Studies and the Celebrity Serial Killer

cover for Killer Fandom: Fan Studies and the Celebrity Serial Killer

Author: Judith May Fathallah

Bethlehem, PA:, 2023

Killer Fandom, in the first long-form treatment, examines serial killer fandom through the lens of textual poaching, affective community, subcultural capital, and play—with close readings of fan posts, comments, and mashups on Tumblr, TikTok, and YouTube.

July 2023

Franklin Ford Collection

cover for Franklin Ford Collection

Editor: Dominique Trudel

Editor: Juliette De Maeyer

Bethlehem, PA:, 2023

The Franklin Ford Collection, curated and introduced by Dominique Trudel and Juliette De Maeyer, includes letters, leaflets, editorials, and treatises by the American journalist Franklin Ford (1849–1918).

January 2023

Creativity: Process and Personality

cover for Creativity: Process and Personality

Author: Larry Gross

Bethlehem, PA:, 2023

Creativity: Process and Personality, a 1964 thesis published for the first time, features interviews on creativity with prominent psychologists, including B. F. Skinner, Herbert Simon, Abraham Maslow, David McClelland, Jerome Bruner, and Milton Rokeach.

December 2022

Communication Conduct in an Island Community

cover for Communication Conduct in an Island Community

Author: Erving Goffman

Introduction by: Yves Winkin

Bethlehem, PA:, 2022

Erving Goffman’s 1953 dissertation, published here for the first time on the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

April 2022

What Was Artificial Intelligence?

cover for What Was Artificial Intelligence?

Author: Sue Curry Jansen

Bethlehem, PA:, 2022

Sue Curry Jansen’s classic critique of AI rhetoric, republished open access with a new introduction by Jansen.

July 2021

Social Media & the Self: An Open Reader

cover for Social Media & the Self: An Open Reader

Editor: Jefferson Pooley

Bethlehem, PA:, 2021

A web-only reader on social media and the self, selected and ordered with university courses in mind. Each of its component works already carries an open access license, or—in the case of copyrighted items—links to a web version. With a preface and introduction by Jefferson Pooley.

November 2020

Liberty and the News

cover for Liberty and the News

Author: Walter Lippmann

Introduction by: Sue Curry Jansen

Bethlehem, PA:, 2020

Published a century ago as the young Walter Lippmann’s fifth book, the slim volume merits a fresh read in our post-truth moment. Republished in this edition with a new introduction by Sue Curry Jansen.

October 2020

Our Master’s Voice: Advertising

cover for Our Master’s Voice: Advertising

Author: James Rorty

Introduction by: Jefferson Pooley

Bethlehem, PA:, 2020

“I was an ad-man once,” James Rorty writes in this classic dissection of the advertising industry. A neglected masterpiece, the book is republished in this edition with a new introduction by Jefferson Pooley.